Friday, June 1, 2012

New Campaign Against Single-Gender Education

The ACLU has launched a new campaign against single-gender education.  This one is called, "Teach Kid, Not Stereotypes."  Further, they are approaching several Departments of Education (state level) to investigate, if not intervene, with schools with single-gender programs.  Other Departments of Education have received, according to news articles, freedom of information requests, and the ACLU is determining what step to take next.
Indeed, programs that do not follow the federal guidelines should be fixed or ended.  This is why an understanding of single-gender programs is so important (and why I wrote my book on creating programs - A Gendered Choice by Corwin Press).
Those involved with single-gender need to know what forces are working against them and be prepared to argue their case.
Gendered issues still remain within classrooms and education.  A discussion about differentiated instruction, gendered achievement gaps, and overall classroom practice should still have gender as part of the conversation.

See the links here for information:

ACLU link to Teach Kids Not Stereotypes:

Link to Article about Contacting State Departments of Education:

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