Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Study From UK on Reading Closes A Gender Gap

New study from UK on reading shows:

"The difficulty level of books read by boys in the report is no longer generally lower than girls’. Across the Years, there are four cases where boys’ difficulty is greater than girls, three cases where girls’ difficulty is greater than boys and two cases where it is equal. We can no longer claim that boys read at a lower level of difficulty than girls so overall under-achievement must be caused by other factors. Turning to Average Percentage Correct (APC), this also shows signs of rising. In three (early) Years, APC is well above 85%. In a further three (middle) Years, APC falls below 85% only in one or two cases. In each of a further three (upper) Years, APC falls below 85% in five cases out of 20. However, in general this represents an improvement over last year. Again, it may well be that teachers are guiding students more effectively in the book and quizzing choices."

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