Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gender Based Data in Canada

An article that looks at the decline of the performance of boys in math and science in Canada.  From the article:

Boys have fallen behind in science and lost their long-held dominance in math, and though the results are a Canadian first, the problem may be a familiar one: reading.
Reading has been a weak spot for boys for decades. The latest national standardized test results show the gap between girls and boys in reading is growing, and that it is spreading to math and science.
This issues seems to have a gendered layer to it.  No, it isn't just a single-gender issue, but, yes, single-gender classes could be part of a potential solution.  But a greater understanding of how to make reading engaging and important to boys is important.  But, for some reason, we just aren't concerned to the degree to really engage people in this conversation yet.

What have you done to bring this issue forward in your local setting?

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